Friday, February 22, 2013

How I Got A Great Photo Of the Full Moon Without A Tripod

This past July I learned you don't necessarily need a tripod to get a good shot of a full moon. I was coming out of Photography class at Camden County College, it was about 8:30pm, still some daylight, and I saw the full moon.

I took my camera and zoom out of my bag and started to shoot, with my camera set to fully automatic. Then, in order to compensate for my shaky hands handling the zoom, I started to experiment with shutter speeds, starting with 1/1000 and working my way down until I got something visible.

When I got home and transferred the file to my computer, to my surprise, I found the perfect shot at 1/500. Although it was dusk and the sky was not totally dark, the fast shutter speed got me a black background.

Camera settings:
Aperture f/5.6
ISO 100
Focal length 250mm
Shutter speed 1/500

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